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Born in Brazil, son of a Swiss shoe designer father and a Brazilian mother who taught high school French, she a descendant of families from Spain and Italy, and having lived on three continents, early multicultural influences have left deep rooted imprints upon me. 


Desiring to become an architect as a youth, but not following through scholastically, I would have resorted to my preference of becoming an artist.  However, having considered what might be the most prudent alternative, I decided to return to college and study cabinetmaking.  Subsequently, I apprenticed under a Dutch craftsman, then was hired by a larger furniture manufacturer to design and produce 3 dimensional perspective renderings by hand for their sales staff.  A few years on, an offer to design for a custom architectural millwork manufacture was attractive, and I joined them for 4.5 years.  


In 1985 my wife and I started a small custom design and studio craft shop, hired a few craftsmen, and our business grew, mostly through referrals and word of mouth.  As thankful as we are for the livelihood which we’ve enjoyed through the years, we have felt somewhat diverted, in having to organize and manage up to 57 staff members, and many projects needing to be delivered throughout Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and in parts of the United States.  My career as a designer and maker of custom furnishings has been, and continues to be very fulfilling.  Yet, the urge to express impressions artistically through other means has intensified in the last 17 years.  Thus, whenever time permits, whether at home, overseas, or enjoying nature when camping, I carve out opportunities to create on canvas, paper and wood. 


Philip Bielmann

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